In most cases, when a patient is ill or too weak, it becomes difficult for them to go to a nearby clinic in that condition. Many people today prefer to avail medical treatment at home due to various reasons. These could be because they are too ill or in too much pain to leave their house. Other reasons are people would like to receive medical treatment at home simply because it is more comfortable.

HealthMyn's team of experienced doctors, nurses and physiotherapists can help treat patients at the comfort of their home as long as the illness can be treated at home through medical intakes and few tests. This not only saves time and money but also give you the comfort of scheduling the home visit at a time that is most convenient to you. Our team would also identify and alert the patient if the illness is of an alarming level and would recommend to visit the right hospital to get further treatment.

  • Doctor on Call

  • Nurse on Call

  • Physiotherapist on Call

HealthMyn provides experienced team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists on call based on your requirement.